Article: Concept of the Seven Chakra Stones

Concept of the Seven Chakra Stones

Ever since the ancient times, various valuable engraved stone and Fengshui crystals are being used by us because these stones have a typical healing power which can heal deep dark issues bringing in good health, prosperity and a clear stream of happiness in life. Each of these seven stones owns a unique healing property and power.

Where you can use some of wholesale healing stone help in resolving the family issues, finance and loved based problems, the others own the power to bring in wealth and prosperity in your life. They even provide protection against evil powers.

As per Supplier of 7 chakra stones ,each stones has unique healing property. Let us know about them:


Known as the master healer stone of the wholesale chakra pendants, Quartz can be used for resolving various kinds of problems in life. It is clear translucent stone which owns the power of providing mentally, physical as well as emotional stability to the person. This stone plays a major role in improving the wisdom of the person wearing it and brings in love.


Regarded as the all purpose stone, Amethyst is available in various shades of Violet. This stone helps in resonating the crown chakra or the third eye chakra. It provides a clear mind making in way for relief to creep in during situations of anxiety and stress. It helps in keeping up the overall health and provides protection against diseases like insomnia.

Rose Quartz

This is pink colored crystal which is often called as the stone of love. This stone is regarded as the symbol of love and harmony which helps in opening the doors of your heart to give and receive love. This stone helps in bringing in love, harmony and inner peace. This stone helps in solving relationship related problems and provides emotional stability.


Considered as the most beautiful crystal, this yellow stone owns several healing properties. It makes up clear ways for prosperity and eradicates financial problems.

Black Tourmaline

It is known as the protective stove. It provides you protection from electromagnetic fields. In short, this stone builds up an invisible cover around you preventing harmful electromagnetic frequencies from harming your system. The stone helps in removing negative vibes offering you a healthy workplace to work in.


Thesemetaphysical healing crystals are an amazing remedy for the ones who lack self confidence and motivation in their life. The stone helps in motivating and inspiring the person resulting to an increase in his confidence level. In short, the done boosts up the energy levels and gives you the power so that it can deal with all kinds of difficult situations.


This crystal is available in various color shades namely red, green, yellow, blue, peach, etc. It has the power to attract true feelings in your direction. If your are looking around for true love and relationships or friendship, this healing crystal can be of great help. Green Aventurine is mostly opted by people as it is said to be the luck stone which brings in new opportunities and good fortune for you. It also helps in dealing with heart ailments and disorders related to sleep.

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