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What is Ardennes-Info / Ardennen-info?

Ardennes-info / Ardennen-infoArdennes-info / Ardennen-info is a great way to find information about the Belgian Ardennes. The agenda for exemple, shows what's happening in the area you are interested in. You can also add activities you would like to share with other visitors of the site. We even thought about our webmaster collegues by creating for then a module so they can integrate our agenda in their own website.
Are you planning a holiday in the Belgian Ardennes? Consult online the country houses, the guesthouses, the hotels, the restaurants, the camp sites, and the activities in all the districts in the directory.
The Directory: Make sure your company and web site are in the directory. This list of links is a service to promote personal and corporate sites in the Ardennes. You can consult this list and add your own link for free. The classified ads: Anyone can place an advertisement for free to sell or buy goods for example.
We would be happy to receive your ideas, comments and suggestions. Bookmark Ardennes-info / Ardennen-info, because it is constantly evolving, adding new projects and trying to improve this portal of the Ardennes in order to better serve our visitors.
Thanks from the Ardennes-Info Team

The New Features of Ardennes-Info

Les Nouveautés d'Ardennes-infoWe created a new interface which is obviously more convivial so your surfing sail on Ardennes-info will be more easily and more targeted . In the Directory we added the possibility of registering your skype address, through which your potential customers can contact you for no cost by the VOIP (voice over IP: telephony by Internet). If you want to use free telephony follow this link. In the Directory you get a first impression of the selected site. We use technology that makes it possible to visualize the homepages of the registered sites. The sites are represented with small images in the pages of the directory. In the News we use new technology called Poscasting. You can listen to interviews or programs provided by Ardennes-Info / Ardennen-info. You can even download them and listen to them on your iPod or MP3-reader. We chose the syndication of contents by RSS. With this technology you will be able to able to keep up with the small advertisements or our agenda in real time. Thanks to the RSS you can add pages (marked RSS) to your favourites and automatically receive the updated information. So you always have the latest news and advertissements. Our latest addition is obviously our articles which talk about the Ardennes in particular, but also about health, leisure, etc... If you explore a little you even you will discover the numerous possibilities and get a better view of our categories.

The Articles

Les Articles de Ardennes-info / Ardennen-infoIn the new version of the Ardennes-Info / Ardennen-info website we have created the possibility to publish articles. This possibility is open to anyone who likes to write (preferably about the Ardennes, but other subjects are also welcome) and who wishes to share their knowledge and talent with the visitors of our site. If your article has already been published on a website, we will publish the first paragraphs with a link to the article. You will attract more visitors which will give you more authority and credibility in your subject area. Just send us your articles and we will publish them for you. They may be written in French, Dutch or English. Come have a look and you will see all the latest possibilities: http://www.ardennes-info/articles/.

The products

ardennes-info/usersIf you are independent or you have an additional activity but you do not have an web site, we have the ideal solution for you. In the “Users” section we can create a small site for you with private access for you to change your images and/or texts. This formula is one of the best solutions for activities which require a quality site at a low price. Thanks to this product, publication on Internet is within anyone's reach. For more information, don't hesitate to contact us. You simply provide the material and we will create a site whose atmosphere will faithfully reflect your activity. info.users@ardennes-info.be

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