The Museum of the Celts at Libramont

Unique in Belgium for its collections, the Museum of the Celts opened at Libramont in June 1998. Here, is gathered the result of over thirty years of excavations on various Celtic sites in the Ardenne. This region is one of the richest in Belgium for its discoveries.

Little-known and unfairly despised, the Celtic civilization is still haunted by many clichés and false ideas that the Museum tries to correct. Recent archaeological research shows that the Celts had reached a high level of civilization from the technical and craftsmanship point of view as well as military and economic, and also an extraordinary savoir-faire. Their culture had nothing to envy to that of the Romans who are traditionally presented as the first civilizers of Gaul. Far are we from the disheveled, undisciplined and undeveloped barbarians of our childhood memories.

The visit of the Museum begins with a general introduction on the Celts, followed by the world of the Celts living in the Ardenne: their funeral rites and daily life as shown by the evidence representative of this period, such as jewels, vases, weapons.
A life size reconstruction of a chariot is exhibited on the second floor, next to various elements belonging to this type of vehicle and horses' harnessing.
The visit continues, focusing on their habitations and fortifications. Crafts and their various techniques (working with metal, wood, pottery, weaving, leather, bone), as well as trade complete the journey that ends with an outline of our Celtic heritage and the false ideas that keep going around about them.
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