Advertising conditions

You may place free ads in the directory.

This service is entirely free. However, once you have reached the allotted 25 free clicks from our website to yours within a period of one month, your e-mail address and link to your website will be disactivated until the end of that month. The following month, the counter goes back to zero and your e-mail address and link will again be available until the quota of 25 clicks is reached within that month, and so on. The other details of your ad will stay visible even if you don't want to be a sponsort.

If you would like them to be permanently activated, you may become a sponsort for only 50 Euros a year. As a sponsor, you may also be on our Top 10 list to be more visible on our site.

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Sponsors (50 euros/year)

25 clicks from your site to ours

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