• We reserve ourselves the right to refuse or remove certain inscriptions and that without any notice and explanation of our share, to modify partially or completely information suggested.
  • We also reserve ourselves the right to change an inscription of category if we estimate that it is badly placed, or following the addition of categories.
  • If your Web site is in several languages, it is preferable to note the names and descriptions in the known languages.
  • The postal code is a selection criterion for a research, think of writing it.
  • You have the possibility of modifying later on your inscription in the directory.
  • Fill this form carefully. Respect the punctuation. Do not write all in CAPITAL letters.
  • A link to our web site is strongly appreciated.
  • You will be informed by e-mail if your inscription is accepted.


Where is the activity?

Enter 'Address, city, state/ZIP'. When you type the location suggestions will appear. You must click on a suggestion to show the marker, then you can move the marker at the exact location.


Please provide phone numbers in this way :
Example : in Belgium the phone number 086 21 12 34 will be written +32 86 211234. +32 : international calling code. 86 : area code without 0. 211234 : local phone number without space. You need a space after the international code and after the area code.
Any other encoding will be invalid.